The Weird and Fascinating History Of San Antonio


Looking at the current model landscape of San Antonio, you would not have guessed that it is actually a pretty old city. That is why it has magnificient history around it. Most of the natives are in the knowledge of this history but apart from the citizens of the city itself, most of the other people do not have any clue. The history of San Antonio is pretty fascinating.

San Antonio is the oldest settlement of Spain in texas.Also, for decades it was the largest city as well. Prior to the Spanish occupation in 1717, it was a thriving city of different cultures. It has been around for thousands of years. The occupation by the Spaniards 1st started in 1717. In 1849, Anglo-Americans gained back the control of the San Antonio city after a tough fight. This fight started after the independence of Mexico from Spain. After the independence, it became a part of United States. The original San Antonio city actually supported the move to join the union. Due to this very reason, once it gained independence, the decision was easily made.

In the 20th century, the San Antonio town received an entire facelift. The streets in downtown specifically were widened and modernized. This was done to handle the traffic of the city. Since the start of the 20th century, the population of San Antonio has grown due to the consistent improvements in the city. In 1970, the population of the city was just around 0.65 million. In 2005 however, it has grown to 1.2 million. This is due to the population immigration as well as due to the annexation of the surrounding land by the city.

The Alamo mission in San Antonio is famous all over the world and receives over 30 million visitors per year. Due to the Spanish history, the city not only has the influence of Spanish culture in its architecture as well as in its building but also it is a large population of European citizens who have immigrated to the city and now call the city their home. This is not just limited to Spain but also citizens from Germany and other countries from Europe as well.

Over the years, San Antonio has become much more cosmopolitan in these days, it has created a unique identity of its own which is what is attracting even a higher percentage of immigrants from different parts of the world.