The most breathtaking daytrips to get out of the city

Photo by Jeff Gun

San Antonio is surrounded by plenty of tourist attractions. There are quite a few options when you’re looking for a breathtaking day trip. Depending on the distance which you would like to travel, there are quite a few tourist attractions which you can cover along with your family in a single day. We would share some of these with you below.

1. New Braunfels:
In summer, when the temperatures are pretty high, one of the best places to cool off yourself would be the beautiful rivers in the country. The best place to explore these rivers would be new Braunfels. It is located about an hour away on the I-35. You can explore the Comal and Guadalupe rivers in the town. Along with just exploring the rivers, you can take up quite a few activities like kayaking, tubing, biking trails, hiking. You would also be able to explore natural caverns nearby and visit some parks. You can easily complete the trip within a day if you are able to start early.

2. San Marcos:
Aquarena Springs near San Marcos is one of the best places around San Antonio to relax. You can explore a lot of water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and even take a ride in the glass bottomed boat when you are around San Marcos. The city is just 1 hour away and therefore a perfect gateway for a single day. There are plenty of opportunities around the town with 85- acres of greenery and completely natural surroundings around San Marcos. You can even visit hiking trails if you are looking for something else as compared to river water sports.

3. Canyons:
For visiting the Grand Canyon, you would have 1000 thousand miles but there is a different set of canyons nearby. In order to explore the paradise canyons, you should head over to the paradise canyons recreational park or if you want to explore the local canyons from a different location, you can head over to the government Canyons State natural area. Both of them are pretty good enough. The Paradise Canyon offers you quite a few options like hiking as well as fishing and camping. The cost of each of these activities is different and that is why it is best to enquire from the park itself. If you’re visiting the government Canyon, its just $ 6, you would be able to get complete access to 12,000 acres of natural wonders including the 100 million-year-old dino tracks. Both of these destinations are just one hour away from San Antonio. If you just want to have a day trip, you can just explore the water sports as well as the natural surroundings and head back to the city before the night falls.

So, if you’re looking for day trips from San Antonio, there are quite a few options which you have as we discussed above.