Everything you Must do this Summer

Photo by Mark Goebel

San Antonio receives plenty of sunlight from May to December. That is why, if you’re searching for activities to do during the summer, you would also find plenty of options in the city. Instead of getting bored during the summer, we would share with you some of the activities which you can pursue during the summer.

1. Explore the town:
San Antonio is pretty rich in history. Moreover, there are many tourist attractions like Alamo as well as the Market Square. You can either take a double-decker bus or you can take a Segway or you can even take private transport. There are plenty of ways to explore the town.

2. Visit the hemisfair:
Hemisfair started back in 1968. Ever since then, it has been organized each and every year. In order to explore this further, you would have to visit the hemisfair. It is located on Alamo Street.

3. Governor’s Palace:
You can visit the Governors Palace. This was specifically built for the Governor of the Spain who ispresided over the city. It was built in the 18th century. Ever since then, it has been carefully maintained as a heritage site for the tourists. The cost of the ticket per person is less than $ 5. You have to visit the military Plaza in order to explore the Governors Palace.

4. San Antonio Zoo:
Another great tourist attraction which you can explore during the summer is the San Antonio Zoo. It has over 3500 different type of animals as well as birds. You can explore plenty of different species of animals and birds like king cobra or Australian lorikeets. It is located at the St. Mary’s St.

5. Amusement Parks:
If you’re looking for something, you can visit the amusement parks which are nearby. You can visit the 6 Flags Fiesta or you can visit Morgan’s Wonderland or you can visit Schlitterbahn. There are plenty of amusement parks as well as water bodies nearby. During the summer, you would be able to find some crowd but it is best explored when the weather is fine.

So, when you’re in San Antonio during the summer, these are the things which you can explore in order to make your summer wonderful and in order to enjoy the season as well as the city ,which would make sure that you have a great time in San Antonio.