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The most breathtaking daytrips to get out of the city

San Antonio is surrounded by plenty of tourist attractions. There are quite a few options when you’re looking for a breathtaking day trip. Depending on the distance which you would like to travel, there are quite a few tourist attractions which you can cover along with your family in a… Read more »

6 Unbelievable San Antonio Crimes That You Can’t Forget

San Antonio’s past has had its fair share of horrific crimes here are a few notable ones. 1. Nicholas Barclay: Nicholas Barclay was a 13-year-old boy who disappeared without a trace after playing basketball.  The case was considered a cold case until out of the blue four years later they… Read more »

Why We Love San Antonio (And You Should, Too!)

  San Antonio is a fast-growing city. While some of the other cities in the United States are actually shrinking population, San Antonio is growing in population. The San Antonio non-natives might find it a bit puzzling but there are quite a few reasons as to why locals Love San… Read more »